WOW – a gift to all unwelcome wrinkles


It is still possible to be surprised when you are using skin care products.

So surprise yourself and someone you know, with a very effective og smoothing care to your face wrinkles. Because why only be satisfied hearing yourself saying wow! When it is amazing hearing many say wow on the same time!

There are totally 30 samples of WOW in one box, so there are plenty for yourself, but you can also give other people a nice experience.

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11 suggestions to a happier YOU!


To be happy is so life-affirming as it can be, and also a crucial factor for your success in life. Without happiness everything is so much harder. So what do you do when the road ahead of you isn’t going the way you want, and you are having a difficult time finding out how to get your smile back.

Well, then it’s “back to basics”. And here is a top 11 list:

  1. Excercise – 7 minutes ought to do the trick.
  2. Sleep more – you will be less impressionable of negative emotions.
  3. Move closer to work – and take a new route when you are driving.
  4. Use time with friends, family and people who are giving you positive energy, instead of taking it.
  5. Go outside.
  6. Help others.
  7. Smile – it can cheer you up.
  8. Plan a trip – but don’t go.
  9. Meditate – shape your brain to receiving more joy.
  10. Practice the compassion – boost the joy of life and the satisfaction of life.


11. Keep your inside beautiful and healthy.

The last point can be very difficult to live by, especially because pre-fabricated food, chemicals, stress and other negative emotions very often consume our everyday living. It is a factor wich is very difficult to avoid.

But It Works has many products which can help you to become healthy and happy.

Go to the web shop, find YOUR thing, and start TODAY giving yourself only the best!


Facial Wrap – get your younger look back


Facial Wrap has many benefits for those who want a younger look – all natural. But how do you do?

  1. Before you begin, make sure there isn’t any lotion or make up in your face.
  2. Wear it for at least 45 minutes (maximum 8 hours) – and remember to dring water!
  3. When your remove the Facial Wrap, massage gently the rest in your face.
  4. Remember, one Facial Wrap is working up to 72 hours, so the result you get after maximum 8 hours can easily change.

It’s simpel, it’s cheap, painless and there are no artifically ingredients – all natural. If you are curious, but are doubting if it’s gonna work on you, there is only one way to find out.

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It Works Body Wrap – It works!


Ready for some “you-time”, because that’s what you get with Body Wrap from It Works. So put a Body-Wrap on your self, relax on the couch and enjoy that you are doing something good for your body.

After 45 minutes you have results, but you can easily wear the Body-Wrap up to 8 hours! My tip for you is, remember to measure yourself before and after, and also take pictures before and after.

And why? When you measure yourself it gives a quick and exact idea of how many inches you have lost, but with a Body-Wrap on your stomach it is important, that you measure over and under the belly.

But why also take pictures? A known saying is, that a picture says more than 1000 words, and measuring is relative. You can accidently read wrong, measure wrong or many other things, but a picture is a stronger evidence.

And one last thing, remember Body-Wrap is working up to 72 hours after you have had it on, so the measuring and the picture you are taking, can easily have changed during the 72 hours.

Are you interested in being Wrapped, or do you want to know more, then call Gitte on (352) 678-6988, or write an e-mail to

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It Works Cleanser and Toner – your best friends in Skin Care!


Once you’ve said Cleanser, then you also must say Toner. The perfect couple for an opimal skin care. But why are they your best friends during your daily skin care routine?

They are the foundation for any skin care. You can put all the foundations you want on your face, but those two are keeping everything together.

With natural ingredients and a goal to make skincare as smoothing and pleasure as possible, no matter of skin type, they do the job which no one else can fill.

If you have any questions you can contact me on this number (352) 678-6988.

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Are you having a tough time getting through the day, and are you drained for energy and going sugar crazy at 15.23 pm? Greens are your way to more positive energy and are meanwhile boosting your immune system because of all the vitamins, minerals and vegetables.

Take your nutrition to a whole ‘notha level and boost your body when you alkalize, balance, and detoxify with Greens. It is a good investment in YOU!

Give it a chance and feel what it does for you. You are more than welcome to call or e-mail to Gitte, if you have any questions.

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Exfoliating Peel


Just like you sometimes put that extra touch in your every-day life, you can also do that with your skincare.

Exfoliating Peel can with great benefits be used 2-3 times in a week and it removes the dead skin cells, excess oil, and daily debris that clog your pores.

So after a long day it’s nice to take off your shoes, get into your comfy clothes and chill. But remember, your skin also needs to relax and feel refreshed. With Exfoliating Peel you can do that!

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Hair Skin Nails


Frayed nails and dull hair, know the problem? We know the first hand impression is essential, and nails and hair are some of the first issues which is noticed. Boost your natural collagen and keratin production with Hair Skin Nails so you can shine from the inside out.

So if you are curious and have questions, just send an e-mail to or call (352) 678-6988

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